Sharing parts of my story for personal value

Second-party and third-party providers are likely to develop specific solutions via an “App Store”-style interface, where they can form relationships and obtain consent from customers to use specific elementsof their data wallet to provide a particular service to them. So, for example, the Salvation Army might have a budgeting app which requests access to financial data and links this to a budget plan and a forecasting model. This would be an app that the person could choose to use and that obtained their consent.

But the service provider/entrepreneur must adhere to the community rules and build into their app the right for that person to withdraw their data and to manage various levels of consent on an ongoing basis. They must provide consent mechanisms and an easily understandable form, not a long laundry list of legalese. They would have no rights to on-share the data or copy it. The data must be stored in such a way that it is available for the person to withdraw it, and to hold it for themselves electronically should they do so.

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