The value of a high-trust low-cost data integration and reuse commons for ecosystem data

The value propositions for ecosystem data interests include:

  • Enhanced detection of what is going on, leading to improved insight for decision-making and strategic targeting of resources.

  • Improved ability to coordinate and collaborate at the local level, reducing the cost of operations and leading to effcient targeting of action.

  • The ability to recruit, motivate, enable, and retain a large and diverse range of participants around a shared objective (particularly for Predator Free New Zealand).

  • Opening new sources of investment through improved measurement and tracking of success.

  • Far lower costs to adding new ideas, communities, solutions, and operational processes. They can hook into a highly effcient data sharing ecosystem (and don’t have to hardwire bespoke solutions and replicate work every time something new comes along).

  • Improved capacity to learn what works.

An ecology Data Commons for bioheritage and Predator Free NZ might look something like this).

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