Project Sponsors

We would like to acknowledge our project sponsors, particularly Devon McLean, Diane Robertson, and Andrea Byrom for their support and advice. Not only were they able to provide essential nancial backing, they also gave the project credibility, contributed expertise, and connected us with other individuals and organisations that made important contributions to the work.

Writing Crew

James Mansell (Lead Author), Rob Laking, Billy Matheson, Rohan Light

Auckland Retreat Working Group Members

Graham Scott, Hayden Glass, Haydn Read, James Gordon, Pieta Brown, Rachel Knight, Rob Laking, Robert O’Brien, Rohan Light, and Veronica Bennett.

Wellington Workshops

(IR and Macs Function Centre)

Guy Kloss, Austen Ganley, Roger Pech, Miriam Lips, Rob Laking, James Mansell, Alanna Irving, Billy Matheson, Sarah Habershon, Robert O’Brien, Graham Scott, Rohan Light, Emily Mason, David Rutherford, Peter Newell, Tony Burton, Richard Poulton, Mike O’Neil, Veronica Bennett, Joshua Vial, Dominic Tarr, Jo Scothern, Sarah Greenaway, Anne-Marie Brook, Pia Waugh, Hayden Glass, Robert Guthrie, Jestlan Hopkins, Matt Muller, Nicola Brown, Murray Price.

Thank You

We would like to personally thank the working group that participated in the Data Commons Retreat and helped us to resolve the Blueprint document.

We would also like to thank the many people who generously gave their time to participate in focus group meetings, online discussions, case study workshops, and one-to-one interviews. Without this support the New Zealand Data Commons project would not have been possible.

A special call-out for Robert O’Brien and Haydn Read, whose experience and expertise guided the group towards making this a scalable and efficient alternative.

As part of the programme, we interviewed a range of people, and presented, attended or observed meetings with stakeholder groups who shared their challenges and hopes for doing data reuse better.

Landcare Research Workshop (PFNZ): Rachelle Binny, Bruce Warburton, Aaron McGlinchy, Nick Spencer

eDNA workshop (Auckland University and Landcare Research): Robert Holdaway, Thomas Buckley, Austen Ganley

Platform Trust workshop: Marion Blake, James Gordon, John Cook, Karla Bergquist, Kelly Pope, Naomi Cowan, Richard Woodcock, Robyn Shearer, Phillipa Gaines

Manaiakalani Trust: Visit and Q&A in regard to data challenges

Predator Free NZ: Scientists’ planning meeting at DOC in Wellington, Presented at Tahatu Rangi, October, Te Papa, Wellington

We would also like to thank Sarah Habershon from Optimal BI, and Alanna Irving and Rob Guthrie from the Loomio team, for their work helping us set up the project.

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